MJHS Teacher Websites

Mr. Brooks Etheredge

  • History 7
  • Study Skills
  • Teamwork
  • Follow him on Twitter: @betheredgeclass

Ms. Samantha Howell

  • Math 7
  • Book Worms

Mrs. Amy Love

  • Math 7
  • PreAlgebra 8
  • Math Remediation 7

Ms. Megan McFarling

  • Life Science 7
  • Physical Science 8
  • Cheerleading

Mr. Greg McGinnis

  • PreAlgebra 8
  • Algebra 8

Dr. Sargent

  • Band

Mrs. Sublett

  • English Language Arts 8
  • Decades of Music


Our Schools

St. Clair County Board of Education

Moody Elementary School

Moody Middle School

Moody Jr. High School

Moody High School



Alabama Career Information Network

Alabama State Department of Education

Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act





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