Progress Reports go home TODAY!!!

Wow! What a semester. Here we are, half way through the first nine weeks of second semester. That means progress reports went out today. If your student tells you otherwise, they are being less than truthful. I must apologize for falling behind with these updates. I now have a four month old little girl who pretty much rules every part of my life. I plan to get back to sending out regular updates.

This first semester has taught me many lessons. I’ve learned a lot about myself as a counselor and about these students whom I am here to help. Each young person in this school is unique and special; however, they all seem to be struggling in the same ways. The pressures faced by today’s youth are very different than what I faced. I never had to worry about social media and the inevitable cyber bullying that comes with it. Parents, I hope you are monitoring your student’s social media and what is being put online. Many young people don’t know or don’t consider the long term effects their online activity brings.

Peer pressure is always a constant concern as well. Earlier in the year I brought to your attention the “eraser challenge”. Now the popular thing is students eating Tide detergent pods. Luckily, we have not had any reports of this at Moody Jr. High. One thing that has been prevalent is sickness, particularly the flu. We are making every effort here to sanitize and kill as many germs as possible. I cannot express enough, if your child is sick, please do not send them to school.

Activities are MJHS continue to be in full swing. The Archery Team, led by Coach Birchfield, continues to have strong performances. I was able to attend a match and I could not have been more proud of the sportsmanship and poise that our students exhibited. Baseball and soccer are also getting underway. Come out and support our teams and show these young athletes that you are proud of what they have accomplished.

The English and Language Arts Department is now making their required reading books available in the school store. For 7th graders, The Book Thief is $10 and for 8th graders, A Midsummer Night’s Dream is $5.


Important Information

On November 1, November 6, and November 7 we will be having a presentation by The Crisis Center Birmingham called Lifelines focused on suicide prevention. The curriculum address the whole school community by providing suicide awareness resources for school administrators, faculty, and staff members, and students. For your students, it will focus on presenting valuable information regarding suicide and the role of students in suicide prevention.

7th graders need to be ordering/buying a copy of The Family Romanov by Candace Fleming. They are going to need it the first full week of November (November 6) for Ms Frost and Ms Stinson’s class.

I would like to give a big shout out to the Cross Country Team. Cross Cole, Jai Burrow, Kason Parker, and Kara Clifton all advanced to the sectionals. Sectionals are Thursday in Fairfield.

Congratulation to the 7th graders who made the Baseball team:

Andrew Goodwin, Matt Johnson, Zack Johnson, Ashford Fowler, Joshua Struggs, Caleb Jatko, Kolby Seymour, Mason Myers, Jordon Stephenson, Carson Mitchell, Bourne Grant, Clark Ross, Travis Shi, Peyton Isbell, Carson Dillashaw, Matt Smith, Matt Brown, Jeremiah Struggs, Morgan Pinkney, Blake Coker, Zack Sparks


MJHS Announcements

Monday, October 30, 2017


Oct 31:          Dance – $3.00 – NO COSTUMES

Nov 02:         Chick-fil-A Biscuit Pre-sale (lunchroom during lunch)

MJHS Basketball vs. Pell City – Home – 5:00 pm

Nov 03:         Chick-fil-A Biscuits

Moody @ Plainview – 7:00 pm

Nov 07:         MJHS Basketball @ Ashville – 5:00 pm

Nov 09:         Beta Club Induction – 8:30 am

Nov 10:         Observed – NO SCHOOL

Nov 14:         MJHS Basketball @ Leeds – 1:00 pm

Nov 16:         MJHS Basketball @ Odenville – 5:00 pm

Nov 17:         MJHS Basketball @ Rudd – 5:00 pm

Nov 20-24:    Thanksgiving Holidays – NO SCHOOL

Nov 30:         MJHS Basketball @ Ragland – 5:00 pm

You may purchase a Boo-Gram for $1 through Halloween every day at lunch. This will allow you to send a note & a treat to a teacher, friend, or someone special on Halloween.

ALL electronic devices must be silenced and kept in your locker.


The school year continues to march on. It is hard for me to believe that it is already the middle of October. This school year has brought with it a number of challenges and new opportunities. The 7th graders have settled into their new junior high routine and the 8th graders have already started thinking about high school. As educators we also begin to fit into a routine. Routines are good. They can keep things working in an orderly fashion. Routines can also be a pitfall. It is easy to get caught up in the mundane, in the routine, that we become stale and stagnate. As a counselor, my goal is to never be stale or stagnate. Life is moving at a pretty fast pace and these students are growing and developing quickly as well. Parents, teachers, and counselors alike have to keep up. I try to keep up by staying aware of trends among the students. I try to have a working knowledge of the zeitgeist. One trend that seems to always be popular among junior high students is using self-harm as a way to deal with problems. Parents need to be aware of signs that might be an indicator of self-harm. Some of these include:

  1. Unexplained wounds or scars.
  2. Blood stains on clothing, towels, or bedding; blood-soaked tissues.
  3. Sharp objects or cutting instruments,such as razors, knives, needles, glass shards, or bottle caps, in the person’s belongings.
  4. Frequent “accidents.”Someone who self-harms may claim to be clumsy or have many mishaps, in order to explain away injuries.
  5. Covering up.A person who self-injures may insist on wearing long sleeves or long pants, even in hot weather.
  6. Needing to be alone for long periods of time, especially in the bedroom or bathroom.
  7. Isolation and irritability.

 If all this wasn’t enough, students are also constantly being influenced by social media as well. One trend popular on social media that we are seeing more of is called the “Eraser Challenge”. This is when a person will take an eraser, usually one from the end of a #2 pencil and rub their skin until it has made a burn. These scars are usually pretty noticeable.  Below is an example of a scar from the Eraser Challenge.

eraser challenger scar

Parents, don’t be hesitant to talk to your child if you have any concerns. Students this age often feel like they are alone or that they do not fit in. Just starting a simple conversation can be enough to break the ice. Here are some ideas for talking to a friend or family member that you may be concerned about.

Helping a friend or family member who self-harms

Perhaps you’ve noticed suspicious injuries on someone close to you, or that person has admitted to you that he or she is cutting. Whatever the case may be, you may be feeling unsure of yourself. What should you say? How can you help?

 Deal with your own feelings. You may feel shocked, confused, or even disgusted by self-harming behaviors—and guilty about admitting these feelings. Acknowledging your feelings is an important first step toward helping your loved one.

 Learn about the problem. The best way to overcome any discomfort or distaste you feel about self-harm is by learning about it. Understanding why your friend or family member is self-injuring can help you see the world from his or her eyes.

 Don’t judge. Avoid judgmental comments and criticism—they’ll only make things worse. The first two tips will go a long way in helping you with this. Remember, the self-harming person already feels ashamed and alone.

 Offer support, not ultimatums. It’s only natural to want to help, but threats, punishments, and ultimatums are counterproductive. Express your concern and let the person know that you’re available whenever he or she wants to talk or needs support.

 Encourage communication. Encourage your loved one to express whatever he or she is feeling, even if it’s something you might be uncomfortable with. If the person hasn’t told you about the self-harm, bring up the subject in a caring, non-confrontational way: “I’ve noticed injuries on your body, and I want to understand what you’re going through.”

If the self-harmer is a family member, prepare yourself to address difficulties in the family. This is not about blame, but rather about learning ways of dealing with problems and communicating better that can help the whole family.

***The information in this blog post came from



Oct 20:     Chick fil A Biscuits!

Moody vs. St. Clair – Home – 7:00 pm

Oct 24:      MJHS Football @ John Carroll – 5: 30 pm

Oct 26:      MJHS Basketball vs. John Carroll – Home – 5:00 pm

Oct 27:      Moody vs. Fairfield – Home – 7:00 pm

Red Ribbon Week is October 23-27!!

Monday 10/23: Put Drugs to Bed! (wear pajama pants – stay in dress code!!!)

Tuesday 10/24: Have the Power to Say NO to Drugs! (wear favorite superhero shirt or colors – no masks!)

Wednesday 10/25: My Future is So Bright Without Drugs! (wear bright colors)

Thursday 10/26: We’re in a War Against Drugs! (wear camo or camo colors)

Friday 10/27: Team Up Against Drugs! (wear your favorite team shirt)

MJHS Baseball tryouts will be held Wednesday, October 25 from 6:30-8:00 pm and Saturday, October 28 from 9:00-11:00 pm.  You must have a valid physical to participate.

The St. Clair County Cheer Expo will be held tomorrow at St. Clair County High School. Individuals will begin at 9:00 am.   Admission is $5.00.  Please come support your cheerleaders.

JV soccer will practice Monday and Friday after school until 4:15 on the practice field.

Varsity Soccer – Conditioning will be Monday, Tuesday and Thursday from 3:15-4:15 pm.  Players must make two sessions a week.  Report to the high school gym after school.

The school store is open before the tardy bell on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday for school supplies!!

ALL electronic devices must be silenced and kept in your locker.

Glad to be back

I’ve been out of the office a little lately, but I have a good excuse. My baby, Beatrice Quimby Bowman, was born on September 29th. I was able to take a week out of school and spent some time with her and my wife. As much as I hated missing work, I would not trade that time together for anything. On the flip side of that, as much as I loved being home and bonding with Bea, my mind was constantly consumed with the students here and what is going on in their lives. It seems like life in a junior high flies by. Here we are, nearly half way through October.  I truly am blessed to be a part of the MJHS family.

 Me and Bea

***Upcoming events***

Report Cards will be sent home on Thursday, October 19.

If your child tells you that “Oh, they didn’t do report cards this time”, don’t believe them. They are not telling the truth!!

October is Anti-Bullying Month! Bullying is a form of aggressive behavior that is intentional, hurtful, threatening and persistent. Are you being bullied? ARE YOU A BULLY?? Ask yourself these questions:

  1. Is the mistreatment intentional?
  2. Is it hurtful (physically or psychologically)?
  3. Is the mistreatment repetitive or is it threatening?
  4. Is there a power imbalance?


We will also be participating in Red Ribbon Week activities during the October 23-27. Red Ribbon Week is a week where an emphasis is put on living a life free of drugs or alcohol. In order to make things fun we will have theme days to get the students involved. The days are as follows:

Monday, October 23

Put drugs to bed!

(wear pajama pants—stay in dress code!!)

Tuesday, October 24

Have the power to say no to drugs!

(wear your favorite superhero shirt or colors—no masks!)

Wednesday, October 25

My future is so bright without drugs!

(wear bright colors)

 Thursday, October 26

We’re in a war against drugs!

(wear camo or camo colors)

 Friday, October 27

Team up against drugs!

(wear your favorite team shirt)





Ch – Ch – Ch – Changes

As we close out September and move into October, I am looking forward to many changes. The temperatures, the colors, the addition of my first child. Change is something that is inevitable. It happens to us all whether we like it or are ready for it. Change is not always easy for some people. I tend to be a routine kind of person. I know what I like and how I like it. I am the person who will go to the same restaurant and order the same meal every time. Many of you might be the same way. We often don’t think of the effects that change can have on young people. We often think of these students as being resilient and able to adapt and adjust to almost anything. While this may be true at times, young people also struggle with making changes. This is demonstrated every year as students come up from middle school into Jr. High. I have talked with several students this year who have struggled with making the transition. Leaving one’s comfort zone, whether it be middle school, a job, or even a relationship, can be pretty daunting. Every day I am tasked with helping the students at Moody Junior High School navigate the murky waters of junior high. I try to help them see things from a new and changing perspective. We are all growing together and changing together. I am excited to be a part of the lives of the student here and to see what changes are in store for them.


Sept. 29th Half Day Fun Day. 

$2 admission – NO IOU’s. 

Concessions will be sold


Happening around MJHS this week

Sep 25:         MJHS Volleyball vs. Ashville, Altamont – Home – 4:00 pm

Sep 26:         MJHS Football @ Fultondale – 5:30 pm

MJHS Volleyball @ Oxford – 6:00 pm

Sep 28:         MJHS Volleyball vs. Springville – Home – 5:00 pm

Sep 29:         School Dismissal – 12:00 Noon

MHS Homecoming Parade 1:30 pm

MHS vs. John Carroll – HOMECOMING – 7:00 pm

Some weeks are harder than others. Sometimes it feels like we work so hard to get everything completed only to look back on all the things that still need to be done. I think that is the reality a lot us face. Despite our best efforts, we sometimes still come up short. Whether you are an educator, plumber, attorney or stay-at-home mom, nobody is immune to these feelings. The students here at MJHS also feel this pressure. I have had more students in my office this week to discuss grades than anything else. I actually like this because it shows me that these students are concerned about their grades and performance in class. I try to put their minds at ease by using the analogy of a football game. Each grading period is like a football game and the progress report is like half-time. It shows what adjustments need to be made in the second half to come out on top. Sometimes parents forget this too. We all want our children to do the best and to be the best. What is important is that each student is trying their hardest and performing to their full potential. So, rather than encouraging students to bring home straight A’s all the time, we should be encouraging them to reach for their full potential and strive to do their best in everything they attempt. If that is straight A’s then wonderful. If that is A’s, B’s and the occasional C then it is wonderful as well. Encourage your children to be the best by doing their best. That is my goal for every student here at Moody Jr. High! Below are some resources that might be helpful.


**We will be wrapping up our Coin Drive next week. Remember to bring in your donations to help those who were effected by Hurricane Harvey in Houston**


Upcoming Events

Sep 15:         MHS @ Shelby County – 7:00 pm

Sep 16:         MJHS Volleyball – @ Oxford Tournament – 9:00 am

Sep 18:         Make Up Picture Day

MJHS Volleyball @ Rudd – 5:00 pm

Sep 19:         MJHS Volleyball @ Gadsden City – 5:00 pm

                   MJHS Homecoming vs. Ashville – 5:30 pm

Sep 21:         Chick-fil-A Biscuit Presale

MJHS Volleyball vs. Duran, Oxford, Rudd – Home – 2:00 pm, 4:30 pm, 6:00 pm

Soccer Parent Meeting – Lunchroom – 6:00 pm

Sep 22:         Chick-fil-A Biscuits

MHS vs. Pleasant Grove – Home – 7:00 pm

Sep 25:         MJHS Volleyball vs. Ashville, Altamont – Home – 4:00 pm

Sep 26:         MJHS Football @ Fultondale – 5:30 pm

MJHS Volleyball @ Oxford – 6:00 pm

Sep 28:         MJHS Volleyball vs. Springville – Home – 5:00 pm

Sep 29:         School Dismissal – 12:00 Noon

                   MHS Homecoming Parade 1:30 pm

                   MHS vs. John Carroll – HOMECOMING – 7:00 pm


Moody High School is going to ITALY!!!! Any 8th Grader interested (you will be Freshman at MHS when they travel) , please join us for interest meeting Tuesday, September 19, 2017 at 6:30pm in the Moody High School Library. The trip is planned for Spring Break 2019.

The deadline for Student Council members to sign up for officer elections is Monday, September 18th.

Attention all soccer players – There will be a mandatory parent meeting for all soccer players and their parents in the Lunchroom on Thursday, September 21 at 6:00 pm.

The school store is open before the tardy bell on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday for school supplies!!

There are a few copies of the 2016-2017 Yearbook available.  If interested, you may purchase a copy from Ms. Armitage for $20.00!

Life Happens

I am late updating things this week because on Friday afternoon I was called away early from school because my wife, who is 9 months pregnant, locked her keys in her car in our driveway. She was stuck. Locked outside of the house. I rushed home to let her in, knowing full well the entire time that she was stuck outside with nothing other than our cat, affectionately known as Dummy, to keep her company. I could have gotten angry for having to leave early when I have so much to get done. I could have complained and grumbled about missing more time during what was already a short week. Instead, I tried to keep a good attitude and went to help my wife. This reminds me of what we are emphasizing this month during out thought of the day. During September our focus is on self-esteem and emotional control. Each day a quote about self-esteem or emotional control is included with the daily announcements. It is our Thought of the Day. Some have included:

“One’s dignity may be assaulted, vandalized and cruelly mocked, but it can never be taken away unless it is surrendered.” – Michael J. Fox

“Wanting to be someone else is a waste of the person you are.” – Marilyn Monroe

“Respect yourself and others will respect you.” – Confucius

“A man cannot be comfortable without his own approval.” – Mark Twain

These are always followed by a commentary or explanation to give the students something to think about. Emotional control and emotional maturity is not something that comes easy. I am sure that all of us as adults can think of some pretty emotionally immature people that we know, or work with or live with. These students, your children, are going to learn how to act and respond to situations by watching the examples that we give. Far too often we forget this. So, remember, your teens and pre-teens are like mirrors. They are a reflection of you. Included below are some links to helpful articles.


There is a lot going on here at MJHS. I know that Ms. Taylor has sent out emails and has also updated the Facebook page. I am going to include that information here as well.

The school year is in full swing and the students and teachers are working hard!!!

Here are a few things coming up at Moody Jr. High School:

  • 9/11  Progress Reports will be sent home
  • 9/11-9/18 – We are doing a coin drive to collect money to help Houston flooding victims – we are sending our donations directly to Ms. McFarling’s new school who was hit hard by the floods.
  • 9/12 MJHS Football will play at Leeds Middle School, kick off at 5:30pm
  • 9/14 We will have an informational meeting about the upcoming New York City trip. (MJHS alternates New York and Washington DC each year) You may go ahead and reserve your spot that night with a $100 non-refundable deposit, if you choose to.
  • 9/19 MJHS Homecoming Kick off is at 5:30pm  and the homecoming court is presented during halftime.
  • 9/22 Chick Fila biscuit sale $3.00 for a biscuit or $5.00 for a biscuit with sweet tea – this sale is every 2 weeks and you can pre-purchase on the Thursday before the sale during lunch.
  • 9/29 Moody High School Homecoming – MJHS will dismiss at 12:00pm. The Homecoming parade starts at 1:30pm and begins at Moody Ballpark
  • 10/7-10/11 – Fall Break for students – No School
  • 10/12 MJHS vs. Odenville HOME MAKE UP game 5:30pm kickoff


I want to thank each family for all the wonderful donations that MJHS received this year. This is the most paper towels, wipes, Lysol, etc. that we’ve ever received!!! We REALLY appreciate you going the extra mile for our school.

Our 7th Grade History classes have posted some awesome tweets from Jamestown and Plymouth Rock!

I’m so proud of our volleyball teams for their wins, the band, cheerleaders and football team on how hard they are working and representing Moody Jr. High School.



Another week done. Another week closer!


The 20017 school year is off to a great start. We are now a few weeks into the semester and student, teachers and the administration are all starting to hit their strides. By this time everyone should have their schedules down pat, lockers figured out and are able to navigate the circular halls of Moody Jr. High School.

I am still getting my feet wet and learning the ins and outs of this position. I have a great staff that I work with in Ms. Taylor, Ms. Johnson, Ms. Cromer and Ms. Crowe. I definitely would be lost without them. I have had the pleasure to meet some of you and many of your children. I am impressed with the caliber of student that we have here. I have had students come to me to discuss their own concerns as well as concerns that they have for their peers. This level of empathy is something that is not common everywhere. You all should be very proud of the young people you have brought up.

There are some exciting things happening now at MJHS. Football Season is getting underway (War Eagle!). Go Blue Devils!! Last week I included the schedule for the junior high football team. The varsity schedule can be found at the Moody High School website.

Each month we are putting the focus on different aspects of character education. We started August with “New Beginnings” and this month we are focusing on self-esteem. Each day with the morning announcements we are having a “though of the day”. These are short quotes for the students to ponder in an effort to emphasize their character growth.

As you know, the devastating hurricane in South Texas and Louisiana has left hundreds and thousands people without shelter, food, or other basic necessities. It is incumbent upon all of us to pitch in and help whenever and wherever we can.

In an effort to help bring assistance to some of those effected, MJHS will be raising money and collecting bottled water.

Staring Monday and running until Homecoming, 1st period classes will be having a “Penny Drive” to raise funds for Meyerland Performance and Visual Arts Middle School. Moody Jr. High School has a special connection to Meyerland PVS Middle School through our very own Ms. McFarling. The community surrounding this school was hit especially hard by Hurricane Harvey.

Please help by bringing in all your spare change. Look under your couch cushions, in the cup holders of your vehicle, or any other place where loose change accumulates. The winning 1st period class will be given free admission to the Homecoming Dance on September 19th.

The following is going to be posted around the school for students to see and be aware.

Houston Flood Relief

Coin Drive


Pile of coins

What: Any and all coins – Pennies, Nickels, Dimes, Quarters, Half Dollars, Wheat Pennies, Buffalo Head Nickels. Basically anything that is not a Chucky Cheese Token.

Where: Your First period teacher in the designated Houston Flood Relief Penny Drive Receptacles.

When: From now until Homecoming!

Why: Because you are a good human being who wants to help others in need!


Finally, I would like to tell you about a resource that I have used in the past and I have found to be very helpful and informative. The website is This site has lots of articles that have been written and reviewed by mental health professionals. I am going to include links to a few articles to give you an idea of what is available.

This is just a sampling of the types of articles that are available.

Again, that you for the opportunity to serve your children (I hate that word for Jr. High but I think you all know what I mean). If there is ever anything I can do please feel free to contact me at or 205-640-2240.



Jared W Bowman

The Blog is Back!!!

I would like to welcome everyone back to the Moody Jr. High School Blog.

Let me take a moment to introduce myself. My name is Jared W Bowman and I am very happy to be your new school counselor! I come to MJHS by way of JBS Mental Health Authority. Since 2009 I have been working in the non-profit mental health world, most recently through a grant with the St. Clair County School System called Project C.O.P.E. During my time with Project C.O.P.E. I was an outpatient therapist providing therapy to students in St. Clair County Schools. When the opportunity to join the staff here at Moody Jr. High presented itself, I jumped at it. I have always had a love for education. I have a bachelor’s degree in Youth Ministry from Bob Jones University and a masters in Counselor Education from Jacksonville State University. Prior to working for JBS Mental Health, I was a special education co-teacher/case manager at Pell City High School from 2006-2009. I am married to my lovely wife, Lindsey, and we are expecting our first child, Beatrice Quimby (pics to follow), at the beginning of October. When I am not at school I am usually at home herding cats, watching music videos on YouTube, or indulging in really lame Reality TV.

My goal as school counselor is to work with the students here to help them become the best versions of themselves possible. This philosophy fits right in with the faculty, staff, and administration at MJHS as well as with the leadership of the St. Clair County School System. Together we can Prepare Tomorrow’s Leaders Today.

I hope you will check back here often. My plan is to update this site weekly. Here you will be able to keep up with all the happenings going on at MJHS. I will also occasionally post helpful articles for parents here as well.


Moody Jr. High Blue Devils

                                             2017 Football Schedule                                           





Sept. 5

St. Clair*


5:30 pm

Sept. 12



5:30 pm

Sept. 19



5:30 pm

Sept. 26



5:30 pm

Oct. 3

North Jefferson


5:30 pm

Fall Break

Oct. 17



5:30 pm

Oct. 24

John Carroll


5:30 pm

* County Game

# Homecoming

*** Are you interested in joining the Builders Club & running the MJHS School Store? There will be a meeting about it during Flex today, in Mrs. Howell’s room, #9. Check in with your Flex teacher & then come to find out more. Informational sheets can be found in the front office.


*** There will be a fall evaluation for the MJHS and MHS softball teams on August 30th and 31st  from 3:30-5:15 pm. There is a sign-up sheet in the front office.  The dates were changed due to a conflict with other activities.