4-Year Plans and EXPLORE Results

Beginning today and continuing through next week, I will be discussing 4-year plans with your students. During this time, students will have the chance to familiarize themselves with the opportunities they will have in high school. This process is simply to get them thinking about the classes they would like to take–the classes they select now are not their schedules.

On February 25, Mrs. Winship, one of the high school counselors, will be meeting with the 8th grade class as a whole to discuss 9th grade course selection. There will be a parent meeting that evening at 6pm. At that time, students will select courses for their 9th grade schedules and you will be involved in the process.

In addition, I am returning EXPLORE results as I meet with the classes. The results, the test booklet, a booklet on how to read the results, and a parent letter should come home with your student by the end of next week. Most students scored “below benchmark” in most areas of the test–this happens every year. It is not the same thing as scoring “below average.” Benchmarks show college readiness–most 8th grade students are, of course, not ready for college curriculum. Unlike other standardized tests, ACT allows us to send home the EXPLORE test booklet. The purpose of this is to help the students identify their weaknesses so that they can better prepare for the PLAN in 10th grade, which leads into the ACT in 11th grade (this is also a college entrance exam).