Announcements – 8/10/15

SCHOOL STARTS TOMORROW! MJHS and MHS will both start at the regular time. Beginning next Wednesday, August 19, both schools will have delayed starts every Wednesday for faculty professional development. MJHS students need to report to the gym by 8:45am on delayed Wednesdays.

Weekly Email Newsletter

I do my best to send out an email newsletter every week with current announcements. I also have a blog (listed at the bottom of this email), Twitter, and announcements are on the official school website (also listed at the bottom of this email).

Please realize that I am only the messenger. That means that, unless it’s a direct announcement from the counseling department, I cannot guarantee that all announcements will be included in my emails and I cannot answer questions regarding the announcements. I rely on other staff members to give me their announcements and I do the best I can. Because of this, make sure to check the main web page. I also may not include all extracurricular activity schedules—not because I want to leave anybody out, but because the coaches don’t always remember to give me their schedule. On the same token, if there are schedule changes, I may not be aware of those changes—so always assume that information directly from the coach or main website is more up-to-date.

Registration Forms

All registration forms should have been completed at the end of last school year. If you have any address or telephone changes, please notify the front office in writing at throughout the year.

Tardies & Check-Ins

If a student arrives late to school, a parent or guardian must come in and sign the student in.


Anybody checking out a student must be on the student’s pre-approved checkout list (provided on the registration forms completed at the end of last year). The only way to change this list is for a parent/guardian to submit a request in writing. We cannot accept verbal permission for this. Any person checking out a student must have a photo I.D.—even if we know you.

Teacher Conferences

During the school year, if you find you need to conference with one of your child’s teachers, please arrange this by calling the front office (640-2040) or by emailing the teacher (email addresses may be found on our webpage). If you find you need to conference with more than one, I will set up a group conference for you.


You can complete your free/reduced lunch form online this year. Visit to fill out and submit your application. Choose Alabama, then St. Clair County Board of Education and you’re ready to fill out the form. Previous forms will expire on September 24, so be sure to complete this year’s form even if you’re already on the program. Paper forms are also available at the school. Any questions should be directed to Rachel Fowler at 594-2022.

Beginning this year, any student wishing to try out for a band auxiliary who is not already on the auxiliary line, must first be a playing member in the band and remain a playing member throughout the time of their service on the auxiliary unity. 7th grade is the time to join beginner band, but if you missed that opportunity you may join band as an 8th grade beginner. No beginners are accepted after 8th grade.

To access the MJHS media center directly, go to:


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