Announcements – 9/15/14

Urgent! We have no feminine products in our nurse’s office. Our stash has been completely depleted. This is not something that the school can purchase for our students. It’s imperative that young ladies keep their own products in their lockers. In addition (because they’ll typically forget J), we’re asking for donations to keep in the nurse’s office. If we do not have any of these items, we will have to call parents on an as-needed basis to come supply them when a child comes to the office asking for them. Thanks for your assistance!

Gifted will not meet tomorrow.

There will be a meeting on Thursday in the lunchroom at 6pm for any student interested in wrestling. Students interested must attend the meeting or speak to Coach Gosnell before the meeting.


Monday, 09/15/14 – Fall Picture Makeup Day

MHS/MHS JV Volleyball @ home, 5pm

Tuesday, 09/16/14 – MJHS/MHS/MHS JV Volleyball @ Lincoln, 5pm

MJHS Football @ Springville, 5:30pm

MHS JV Football @ Springville, 7pm

Thursday, 09/18/14 – MJHS/MHS/MHS JV Volleyball @ home, 4:30pm

Wrestling meeting, 6pm

Friday, 09/19/14 – Progress reports and picture orders are due!

MHS Football @ Hayden, 7pm

Saturday, 09/20/14 – MJHS Volleyball Tournament @ Lincoln, 9am

Monday, 09/22/14 – Counseling Group Guidance: SAfE Program (8th grade)

MJHS Volleyball @ Duran, 2pm

MHS/MHS JV Volleyball @ home, 4:30pm

Tuesday, 09/23/14 – Counseling Group Guidance: SAfE Program (8th grade)

MHS/MHS JV Volleyball @ Ashville, 4:45pm

MJHS Volleyball @ Gadsden City, 5pm

MJHS Football vs. Tarrant, 6pm (Homecoming)

Thursday, 09/25/14 – MJHS Volleyball @ Leeds, 4:30pm

Friday, 09/26/14 – MHS Football @ Walter Wellborn, 7pm

Saturday, 09/27/14 – MHS Volleyball Tournament @ Springville, 9am

Monday, 09/29/14 – MJHS/MHS/MHS JV Volleyball @ home, 5pm

MJHS Football vs. North Jefferson, 6pm

Tuesday, 09/30/14 – MHS/MHS JV Volleyball @ Talladega, 5pm

MHS JV Football vs. Ashville, 7pm


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