Parents Set the Tone for Jr. High Success

Set a Good Example. Parents who value education have children who value education. Encourage your child to attend school daily and refer to it as a “job.” Don’t allow your child to miss school unless he is actually ill or there is an emergency. Teach responsibility by living it. Take your commitments seriously. Your kids are watching!


Encourage Good Study Habits. Parents can teach their children good study skills starting with organization. Start by cleaning out the backpack weekly. Have your kids write down all of their assignments in their planner and check it over daily. Encouraging students to have long-term goals and to keep up with their reading assignments pays off.


Set Boundaries. Let your kids know your expectations of their grades and behavior. Set realistic rules and consequences such as bedtimes and curfews. Don’t threaten or promise something that can’t be carried out.


Know Your Children. Discover their talents and interests. Encourage positive, productive extracurricular activities such as sports, music, dance or hobbies. Know how your kids are spending their time when they are not with you.


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