Announcements – 10/07/13

If you think your child might be interested in attending the Eden-Career Tech Center in high school, or if your child is already attending the Gifted Center, you’re invited to check out their Back to School Open House, “Eden in the Eve,” tonight from 5-7pm. They’ll have free food, door prizes and live music.

Open House Flyer 2013

Pre-order a biscuit for the MJHS Chick-fil-A Biscuit Sale! Biscuits will be given out in the car line only on Thursday, October 10. Order your biscuit on Tuesday and Wednesday in the lunchroom during lunch. Biscuits are $3, or purchase a biscuit with a tea for $4. You must have your pre-purchased ticket in the car-rider line to claim your biscuit.


Girls’ basketball tryouts will be held on October 7-9. Beginning on September 20, girls who wish to stay after school and practice may do so from 3-5pm. They must have a dependable ride home and may not stay past 5pm!

The Lady Devils and the Moody Baseball teams, along with their coaches, will be having a clinic covering the overall aspects of the games of baseball and softball. The clinic will be held on October 7, 8 & 10 from 5:30pm-8pm at Moody High School. The cost is 2 days for $50 or 3 days for $75. Participants will learn infield, hitting, outfield, catching and pitching skills. For information, please contact the Moody Softball Boosters at or at (205) 365-5978.

Children’s Hospital will be here on October 10 to screen for spinal deformities (scoliosis, kyphosis, lordships, aside-to-side curve in the spine). The purpose is to recognize, at the earliest stage, any deviation from normal so that the need for treatment can be determined. Spinal screening is required annually by law for school children in the state of Alabama in Grades 5-9. The procedure is a very simple one. The trained screener observes the child’s posture while standing and bending forward. It is suggested that girls wear a halter top or bra during the screening, and that boys remove their shirt. If scoliosis is suspected, your child will either be rescreened or referred. You will be notified so that you may get further evaluation from your own physician. If your child is receiving medical care for a spinal deformity from a physician, please contact your physician to provide the school with medical documentation. Otherwise, your child will be screened. If you have any questions, please contact the school nurse by calling 640-2180 or 640-2040 or emailing her at

The Moody Softball Cow Patty Drop will be held on October 12 at 6:30pm. The concession stand will be open and they will also have other activities to make a fun-filled evening! Payout will be 25% of the gross collected. For example, 200 squares sold = $1000 pay out. Squares touching the winning square will collect $100 each. The winning square will collect the remaining amount of the 25% payout. You do not have to be present to win! To purchase tickets, or for more information, please contact the Moody Softball Boosters at or at (205) 365-5978.

The MJHS/MHS band is having a cheesecake sale, beginning October 15. Please see Dr. Sargent or a band member for details.

Diamond Doll applications are available in Mrs. Franklin’s room. Students who are interested should pick up an application and sign the list outside her door. Applications and teacher recommendation forms are due back by October 23. Questions should be directed to Mrs. Franklin at

The Mr. & Miss MJHS Pageant will be held on November 2 at 5:30pm. The entry fee is $40, plus an additional $10 if you want to enter for Miss Photogenic. Applications, entry fees and photos are due by October 31. For information, see the attached flyer and application.

Special thanks to our MJHS Benefit Fishing Tournament sponsors!!


Mike Bowling

Civil Consultants, Inc.

Charlie’s BBQ


Terry Cromer, Attorney at Law

Ken Crowe

K & T’s Trophies

Metro Bank

Moody Auto Service

Moody Football Booster Club

Moody Drugs

Moody Motors

Ricky Parker

Tri-Counties Heating & Air

New York Trip Info!! (if you have questions, please contact Mr. Birchfield at

  • The trip is a tour      of selected highlights of Monticello, Gettysburg, Philadelphia and New      York City. We will visit some of the most important historical sites in      our country on this trip.
  • The trip provides      excellent enrichment opportunities for our students. The focus of the trip      is an extension of our instructional program in American History. The trip      will help students to understand their heritage and challenge them to      accept the responsibility for citizenship.
  • Objectives: to      lead our students to appreciate our national, historical, political and      cultural heritage; to discover and appreciate the principles and      responsibilities of American citizenship; to acquaint our students not      only with their cultural heritage, but also increase their awareness of      the diversities of their culture; to introduce our students to the great      museums, theatres and galleries of the world; to view and appreciate the      legacy of stage-performance on Broadway.
  • Dates – March      15-21
  • Cost – $920 per      person/quad occupancy; $970 per person/triple occupancy; $1050 per      person/double occupancy
  • Food – You will      need to bring a sack lunch on the first day of the trip. Drinks will be      provided. There is one other meal for which you are responsible. This meal      is dinner en route to Bridgeport, VA, on the first day. All other meals      are included in the prices of the trip.
  • Medication/First      Aid – One trained staff member will be in charge of all student      medication. Be sure to let us know if your child takes medication. Each      bus will have a well-equipped first aid kit. You will be asked to complete      a medical information form that allows the school to dispense simple      medications likes Tylenol on an as needed basis.
  • Payment schedule –      10/11/13 (non-refundable $100 deposit per person due); 12/06/13 [first      payment of $410 (quad), $435 (triple) or $475 (double) per person due];      01/31/14 [final payment of $410 (quad), $435 (triple) or $475 (double) per      person due]. All payments must be by check, money order or cash. Make payments      out to Moody Junior High School. The SCCBOE requires that you make sure      the following information is on all checks: full name, street address (not      a PO) and a home telephone number. There will be a $35 fee on all returned      checks.
  • Students not taking      the trip must attend school that week, as appropriate educational      experiences will be provided.
  • Students are      allowed to bring one suitcase and one carry-on. Parents may bring one      suitcase, one hanging bag and one carry-on. Among other things, remember to      pack the following: warm coat or jacket, gloves, hat, scarf, warm socks,      comfortable walking shoes, clothing appropriate for dinners and a Broadway      Show, pillow and blanket for traveling, extra towel, plastic bag, alarm      clock, umbrella and/or poncho, batteries for electronic devices, charger      for cell phone, camera and memory card. Students may bring music and      movies on the bus, but only with headphones (teachers will monitor the      content and their judgment is final). Students may bring cell phones on      the trip, but parents need to be aware of what is covered on their cell      phone plan.
  • Money – You will      need to send enough money with your child to cover extra meals, snacks and      souvenirs. Please discuss money managements with your child prior to the      trip.
  • All adults on the      trip are considered chaperones. Therefore, they must follow all rules      established by MJHS. Rules are not negotiable.


Monday, 10/07 – Girls’ basketball tryouts, TBA

MHS Volleyball @ St. Clair / Gadsden City, 4:30pm

Moody Devils Softball/Baseball Clinic, 5:30-8pm

Tuesday, 10/08 – Pre-order your biscuit for the MJHS Chick-fil-A Biscuit Sale

Girls’ basketball tryouts, TBA

MJHS Football vs. St. Clair County, 5:30pm

MHS JV Football vs. St. Clair County

Moody Devils Softball/Baseball Clinic, 5:30-8pm

Wednesday, 10/09 – Pre-order your biscuit for the MJHS Chick-fil-A Biscuit Sale

Girls’ basketball tryouts, TBA

Thursday, 10/10 – MHS Volleyball @ Talladega, 5pm

Moody Devils Softball/Baseball Clinic, 5:30-8pm

Friday, 10/11 – NYC deposit due

MJHS Chick-fil-A Biscuit Sale

MHS Football vs. Springville (Senior Night)

Saturday, 10/12 – MHS Volleyball – Blue Devils Tournament, 9am

Moody Softball Cow Patty Drop, 6:30pm

Monday, 10/14 – Fall Break, no school

Tuesday, 10/15 – MJHS Football @ Springville, 5:30pm

MHS JV Football @ Springville

Thursday, 10/17 – EXPLORE test (8th grade only)

Friday, 10/18 – MHS Football @ Curry

Monday, 10/21 – Red Ribbon Week Theme: Sock it to Drugs! (wear crazy socks)

Tuesday, 10/22 – Red Ribbon Week Theme: Team Up Against Drugs! (wear your favorite team jersey or t-shirt)

Counseling Group Guidance – Drug Prevention (7th grade)

MJHS Football County Championship, TBA

MHS Volleyball – Area Tournament, TBA

Wednesday, 10/23 – Red Ribbon Week Theme: Turn Your Back on Drugs! (wear your clothes backward)

Counseling Group Guidance – Drug Prevention (7th grade)

Diamond Doll applications due to Mrs. Franklin

Thursday, 10/24 – Red Ribbon Week Theme: Dreaming of my drug-free future… (dress up as what you want to be when you grow up)

Report Cards go home

Counseling Group Guidance – Drug Prevention (8th grade)

Friday, 10/25 – Red Ribbon Week Theme: Spot Me Being Drug Free! (wear polka dots)

Counseling Group Guidance – Drug Prevention (8th grade)

MHS Football @ Pinson Valley

Wednesday, 10/30 – MJHS Basketball @ Oak Mountain, 6:15pm

Thursday, 10/31 – MJHS Pageant application, entry fees and photos due

MJHS Basketball @ Oak Mountain, 5pm


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