Teacher Conferences

During the school year, if you find you need to conference with one of your child’s teachers, please arrange this by calling the front office (640-2040) or by emailing the teacher. If you find you need to conference with more than one, I will set up a group conference for you.

**All email addresses may be found on the Moody Jr. High School Website at http://mjhs.sccboe.org/ For your convenience, I am also listing them here:

Mr. Abney – tim.abney@sccboe.org

Ms. Armitage – melissa.armitage@sccboe.org

Mr. Birchfield – jason.birchfield@sccboe.org

Mr. Burns (assistant principal) – justin.burns@sccboe.org

Mrs. Crowe (receptionist) – jan.crowe@sccboe.org

Mr. C.B. Etheredge – brooks.etheredge@sccboe.org

Mr. D. Etheredge – david.etheredge@sccboe.org

Mr. E.T. Etheredge – terry.etheredge@sccboe.org

Mrs. Fagan – christi.fagan@sccboe.org

Mrs. Ford – leann.ford@sccboe.org

Mrs. Franklin – rachael.franklin@sccboe.org

Ms. Gann – pat.gann@sccboe.org

Mrs. Howell – samantha.howell@sccboe.org

Mrs. Love – amy.love@sccboe.org

Ms. McFarling – megan.mcfarling@sccboe.org

Mr. McGinnis – greg.mcginnis@sccboe.org

Ms. Moseley – tiffany.moseley@sccboe.org

Ms. Perkins – sue.perkins@sccboe.org

Dr. Sargent – brad.sargent@sccboe.org

Mrs. Rumbley (counselor) – kristia.rumbley@sccboe.org

Mrs. Sublett – sherry.sublet@sccboe.org

Mrs. Suttle – cecily.suttle@sccboe.org

Mrs. Swinney – read.swinney@sccboe.org

Mrs. Thom – melissa.thom@sccboe.org

Mrs. Taylor (principal) – cassandra.taylor@sccboe.org


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